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It is possible to apply for a position with the Legal Firm Macchi di Cellere Gangemi through an illustrated procedure. The candidate's professional profile will be brought to the firm's attention by means of an on-line form, which must be completed by providing the information required therein.
At the end of the procedure and if considered necessary, it is always possible for the candidate's curriculum vitae (it is advisable to make use of the European CV format), to be attached, in order for the candidate to include additional information which could not be inserted in the online form. Once the illustrated procedure is concluded, the candidate will receive a password which can be used to change and update the existent information already present in the (data bank within the) CV section.
The illustrated procedure only requires a few minutes and enables recruitment personnel to view the candidates' profiles in a more visible manner.

To modify the data previously inserted through the Guided Procedure
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